My childhood eleven – The players who shaped my cricket education

I’m often struck when I read about cricket history about the great players that were playing the game in the early 90’s when I was getting into cricket that I just had no idea about at the time. My attention was limited to the players I had access to, whether on TV or at my local club, Somerset CCC. As I got into my early teens I began to appreciate the wider global game but I thought it would be interesting to compile a list of the players who captured my imagination before that, when I first started watching cricket. Continue reading “My childhood eleven – The players who shaped my cricket education”

Champions Trophy 2017 Team Profiles – England

Over the next eight days we will be sharing a new set of infographics pitting the eight Champions Trophy teams against each other on their form over the last two years. You’ll be able to see who is each country’s top performer with bat and ball, and how they rank compared to those from the other teams.

After the tournament we will look back and see how accurate these rankings proved to be.



The rise of the T20 nomad

Cutting back appearances as the years advance has always been part of the arc of any sporting career. The inevitable toll of years of training and physicality spares no one and managing that decline is often the difference between maximising potential and wondering what could have been.

The last decade has seen a shift in the way most elite cricket players view the twilight years of their careers, with opportunities for players in their mid-thirties having increased exponentially since the explosion of the global T20 game. Continue reading “The rise of the T20 nomad”

County Championship Report

There were plenty of standout moments in the County Championship this week, making it difficult to pick our top 5 best and worst. Neil Wagner and Kyle Abbott continued their impressive starts by picking up 8 and 7 wickets, respectively. The young Scottish seam bowler Brad Wheal took 7 wickets for Hampshire against Middlesex, combining well with Kyle Abbott to force their second win of the season. Further, veteran bowler Darren Stevens produced an inspired spell of bowling that helped Kent beat Sussex at home. Continue reading “County Championship Report”

Better late than never

The return of the Indian Premier League is a timely reminder of how ECB’s recent plans to implement a city-based T20 tournament can’t come soon enough.

We’re well underway. Six weeks of seemingly back-to-back T20 coverage, played out in front of arguably the most passionate fans in world cricket. Views on the impact of the T20 over the last 20 years are as diverse as this year’s rosters but there can be no denying that, when it comes to box office entertainment for the sporting masses, the IPL continues to blaze the trail. Continue reading “Better late than never”